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Did You Know?

Scientific findings support the use of Microdermabrasion for the effective treatment of  sun damage, aging skin and acne.  Studies show increased papillary dermal collagen, and healthier skin barrier function are possible with  Microdermabrasion!  I've been providing this treatment for  17 years with great results!

Cryotherapy is treating the skin with frozen Carbon Dioxide which has been around for over 100 years and primarily used for hyperpigmentation (age, sun, brown spots) caused by damaged DNA in the melanocytes , and skin tags usually form in folds of the skin, neck, underarms etc. 

CryoClear is a safe gentle freeze for people with sensitive skin. Your treated area will soon turn darker for about 10 days when your body will naturally slough it off. Next, you will see pink healthy tissue which will return to your normal skin color in a few weeks, sometimes longer.  Post care consists of  non-abrasive gentle care, a moisturizer , SPF, and your good to go!